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Empowering families through Family Matters!

Because FAMILY matters. Our family is the anchor in our lives, bringing us love, joy and warmth. Our family supports us, keeps us rooted and gives meaning to our existence. A happy family does not just happen. It takes effort and commitment. FamilyMatters! empowers you with the resources, knowledge and skills to build a strong, happy family. We partner schools, workplaces and community partners to bring these resources closer to you at each life stage. We also work with businesses to create a family friendly environment for you and your family.

From 1 Oct 2015, the link ‘’ will no longer be available. For more information on FamilyMatters!, please refer to
FamilyMatters@Community offers a variety of skills-based family education programmes to assist families in specific challenging aspects of family life.

These family education programmes seek to empower individuals and families with knowledge and skills to enrich and strengthen their family life and promote positive mindsets and attitudes towards family. Programmes should meet the following criteria: 

a. Skills-based;
b. Informed by evidence, research or best practices;
c. 4 hours & above; and
d. Cover topics on marriage, parenting, family relationships or managing multiple roles in family life

Who can Apply?

Service Providers listed in FamilyMatters@Community's revised Programme Menu can apply for funding of programmes. 


When to Apply?

The next window for funding application will be from 1 Oct 2015 to 31 Oct 2015 for FLE programmes (listed in FamilyMatters@Community programme menu) to be conducted from Jan 2016 to Jun 2016.


Revised Funding Guidelines and Processes

Feedback and Evaluation

Contact Information

For queries, please email us at
Starting 1 May 2015, MSF will cease FamilyMatters@Work programmes. 

For queries, please email us at

FamilyMatters@School equips parents and young adults with skills to nurture positive family relationships. We work closely with schools, parent support groups and parent volunteers so that parents can easily access family education programmes that help them better connect with their children. We also work with local universities that reach out to young adults, helping them improve their social and relationship skills. 

For Pre-Schools

Starting 1 May 2015, MSF will cease FamilyMatters@Preschool programmes. 

For queries, please email us at


For Primary/Secondary Schools/Junior Colleges

Administrative Guide

For a better understanding of FamilyMatters@School for Primary/ Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges, please download and read through the attached Administrative Guide.

List of Schools on Board

Please click here to find out the respective MSF officer in-charge of your schools.

FamilyMatters@School Programme Menu

For a list of family education programmes for primary/secondary schools and JCs, click here.

Revised Funding Reimbursement Process

  • Please download the presentation slides on the Coordinator Training (dated 16.07.14)
  • Guide on creating e-invoice for Coordinator Payment. Click here (dated 11.06.14)
  • Click here for the sample ITQ template for the engagement of school coordinator (revised on 14.03.14)
  • Click here for the sample ITQ template for the engagement of service provider (revised on 19.03.14)
  • Documents For All Government and Government-Aided Schools


Feedback and Evaluation


Documents for All Independent , Specialised and Special Education Schools

To find out more, please contact us at

FamilyMatters@School for Fathers (formerly known as Fathers@Schools)

The fathering movement in Singapore started in November 2009 with a bold mission by Dads for Life to ‘inspire, mobilise and involve fathers to become good influencers in their children’s lives for life’. The movement has gained traction over the years with extensive outreach into close to 300 schools and approximately 3,000 fathers per year.

With effect from 1 April 2014, Fathers@Schools programmes will be funded under MSF’s FamilyMatters@School.

Renamed “FamilyMatters@School for Fathers”, this funding for father-child bonding programmes will replace Fathers@Schools. All schools registered under Fathers@Schools will continue to be eligible to apply for funding under this re-named entity. Please click here for the funding criteria and quantum.

Please submit the reimbursement documents and claims within 8 weeks upon completion of event, using the documents below. Please mail the documents to:

Family Education and Support Division
Ministry of Social and Family Development
512 Thomson Road
#01-00, SLF Building
Singapore 298135

To find out more on FamilyMatters@School for Fathers, please email using header “FamilyMatters@School for Fathers”.

Through its FamilyMatters@Business initiative, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) encourages businesses to adopt strategies, infrastructure and services that cater to families. While families could benefit from family-friendly services and products, businesses could reap the rich potential of the family market. MSF provides the FamilyMatters@Business Grant to help businesses defray infrastructure and implementation costs. MSF also administers the Businesses for Families Pledge and Mark to encourage businesses to embark on family-friendly initiatives, and recognise family-friendly businesses. Further, MSF provides resources online and sharing sessions to build expertise in the formulation and implementation of family-friendly initiatives. While assisting businesses, MSF’s second thrust is to raise, among consumers, an awareness of and demand for businesses that cater to families.

FamilyMatters@Business Grant

MSF offers the FamilyMatters@Business Grant, a $4 million fund to assist eligible businesses in adopting and implementing business practices that welcome families. For details of the Grant, please click here! Please take note of new grant guidelines which will take effect from 12 August 2015.

Businesses For Families Pledge

The Businesses for Families Pledge is a sign of commitment from businesses that they will undertake efforts to make their businesses welcoming to families. Businesses are encouraged to take the first step to becoming family-friendly by signing the Pledge. Upon taking the Pledge, businesses can apply for the FamilyMatters@Business Grant to implement family-friendly initiatives. For details of the Pledge, please click here !

Businesses For Families Mark

The Businesses for Families Mark is a national accreditation programme. It gives further impetus for businesses to go the extra mile to cater to families. Businesses which meet specific standards relating to their Strategy, Service, Infrastructure and Business Outcomes (Results) will be awarded the Mark. For details of the Mark, please click here!

@Building Capability

Funding scheme to support Family Life Education Sector

The BuildingCapabilityforFamilyMatters funding scheme supports projects that seek to enhance the capability of the Family Life Education sector in Singapore through the following:

  1. Development of new family life education content
  2. Training to upgrade the skills of family life educators
  3. Research on family issues that contributes to family life programmes
For more information, please email

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