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MSF Budget 2016

MSF Budget 2016

Check out our latest announcements from the Committee of Supply 2016 debate! Click here >>

CDA First Step Grant

CDA First Step Grant

Babies born from 24 March 2016 can now receive the $3,000 CDA First Step grant. Wait till 1 July 2016 to save in the CDA to enjoy the $3,000 CDA First Step automatically. Find out more!

MSF Conversations Blog

MSF Conversations Blog

Read our thoughts on social and family issues! Check out our 'MSF Conversations' blog here >>

Fostering Roadshow at Tampines

Fostering Roadshow from 16 to 22 Mar 2016

Join us at our roadshow to find out more about
the Fostering Scheme! For the full calendar of
Fostering events, click here>>

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News and Updates

29 Apr 2016

20,000 pre-schoolers do their part to serve community

This year, the Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) “Start Small Dream Big” initiative will involve some 20,000 children from over 300 preschool centres taking part in community service projects over a period of six months. This is double the number of 150 preschools which participated in the inaugural run of the initiative last year.

12 Apr 2016

1,000 low-income and vulnerable children to benefit from pilot scheme that coordinates, strengthens and monitors support

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) will pilot a new system of support for low income and vulnerable children, to enable them to have a good start in life. The new initiative, called KidSTART, will coordinate and strengthen support across agencies, extend new forms of support, and monitor the progress of these children from birth to six years old.

12 Apr 2016

Closing Speech by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin at the Committee of Supply 2016

Closing Speech by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin at the Committee of Supply 2016

12 Apr 2016

Higher ComCare long-term assistance for those in need

From 1 July 2016, MSF will enhance the assistance package to households on ComCare Long Term Assistance by raising the cash assistance rates. A one- person household will now receive $500 per month, an increase of $50 from the previous rate of $450 per month. Larger households will also receive more cash assistance.

12 Apr 2016

Intensive support programme to keep vulnerable children together with their families

As part of ongoing efforts to strengthen family-based care and community support for vulnerable children, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) will launch the Safe and Strong Families (SSF) pilot programme in the community by December 2016. For a start, the pilot will reach out to 400 eligible families and vulnerable children over three years.

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Assistance Schemes

Child Care / Infant Care Subsidy

The child care and infant care subsidy is to help parents to defray some of the cost of child care fees and to ensure affordability and accessibility of child care services to all that require the services.

Home Ownership Plus Education (HOPE) Scheme

Provides comprehensive benefits to young, low-income families who choose to keep their family small so they can invest in their children's future and break out of the poverty cycle.

Government-Paid Child Care Leave Scheme

This Scheme enables parents to take paid childcare leave every year until their children turn 7 years old.

Baby Bonus Scheme

Get cash gifts; and open special savings accounts to benefit from CDA First Step grant and dollar-for-dollar matching for your baby. Baby Bonus helps parents lighten the financial costs of raising children. 

Medical Fee Exemption Card

This card provides free medical and hospitalisation treatment at government/restructured hospitals and polyclinics for needy residents of sheltered and disability homes.

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